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Driving Schools Kent

If you have just turned 17, your next step into your adult life will be to learn how to drive. This will give you freedom and independence that you will not have experienced before. However you may find the prospect of learning to drive a daunting one. It doesn´t matter how much previous experience you have had in driving, starting to take your driving lessons can still be a very nervous time. Excelsior School of Motoring are very experienced at providing nervous first time drivers in Kent with the confidence and comfort that they need to make them better drivers when they pass their test.

Excelsior School of Motoring in Kent uses the local Canterbury City to get pupils used to city driving and the nearby dual-carriageways and country roads. We have many years of experience in tutoring new drivers through to their practical driving test, proven with our very high pass rate.

If you are looking for the best intensive driving course in Kent then Excelsior School of Motoring will get you on the road as quickly as possible, not every pupil is the same however, even on intensive courses, depending on your past experience and confidence level will dictate how long it will take to teach you to drive usually between 7 to 10 days.

If you are still struggling you could make it easier and simpler by taking an automatic intensive driving course in Kent with Excelsior School of Motoring, if you are particularly struggling with gears and clutch control, choosing to pass with an automatic is a great solution.

If you are looking for real specialists in intensive driving course in automatic vehicles then contact Excelsior School of Motoring today!
We can arrange accommodation for you!

Specialists in Intensive and Residential Driving Courses. Get Automatic & Manual Driving Courses and Lessons with a Highly recommended driving instructor.

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