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Automatic Driving Lessons and Courses

Intensive Driving Course in London and Kent

Has your confidence received a blow taking part in driving lessons?

Do you struggle with car control and find that operating the clutch and the gears is a little overwhelming?

Maybe learning to drive in a manual car isn´t such a good idea as there are other options available to you. You could learn to drive in an automatic car and then when you have passed your test you can simply buy an automatic car to drive around in. Better still, what about booking on one of the Intensive Driving Course London that are now available?

You already know the basics and apart from your troubles with the clutch and the gears you are actually turning out to be a decent driver. Therefore you might find that in only 5 days you could be passing your test.

The Intensive Driving Course in Kent will help you to reach test standard in hardly anytime. The tuition is just the same as it would be on weekly driving lessons it´s just that it is condensed into full days.

With plenty of new and used automatic cars available to buy you´ll have plenty of choice once you have passed your test.

Why struggle with gears when you learn how to drive when you could book on one of the Automatic driving courses and pass your test with ease.
We can arrange accommodation for you!

Specialists in Intensive and Residential Driving Courses. Get Automatic & Manual Driving Courses and Lessons with a Highly recommended driving instructor.

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