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About Excelsior

Top Intensive Driving Courses London

Located in Herne Bay on the North coast of Kent, a quiet seaside town which is ideally suited for the novice driver, but also within close proximity to Canterbury city centre which is perfect for learners progressing through their training program, giving a wide variety of town, city, country and dual-carriageway driving conditions.

Excelsior SOM has many years experience in driver training and our instructors (all Department of Transport approved) are all very patient, friendly and enthusiastic with a high degree of professionalism. The cars provided for your training are all dual-controlled modern vehicles, specifically chosen with driver training in mind.

Excelsior SOM has a very high pass rate which we are very proud to maintain so if you wish to add to our successes, please fill in the booking form or contact us immediately.

Because of the waiting lists on tests, early booking is recommended to get the date that you require, although short notice Intensive Driving Courses in London are sometimes available (please ring to check).
We can arrange accommodation for you!

Specialists in Intensive and Residential Driving Courses. Get Automatic & Manual Driving Courses and Lessons with a Highly recommended driving instructor.

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