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Why Intensive Courses?

Intensive Driving Courses Kent/London (sometimes known as "Crash Courses", but for obvious reasons we don´t like to use that name) have many advantages over the conventional hourly method of learning to drive.

We would recommend them to most people as a quick and cost-effective way of learning to drive safely under to-days traffic conditions.

Most people find that hourly lessons tend to go on indefinitely with very slow progress made. When you take one of our Intensive Driving Courses in Kent you will find that you progress rapidly due to the very nature of the course.

Each course is designed to meet your specific needs and ability whether you are a total beginner, intermediate or a more experienced learner.

Our recommendations for courses:

Total beginner: (less than 10 hours previous experience)

The very confident - 5 days (25hrs.) inc. test

The average pupil - 6/7 days (30/35hrs.) inc. test

The very nervous - 10 days (50hrs.) inc. test

Intermediate learner: (Previously more than 10 lessons)

The very confident - 4 days (20hrs.) inc. test

The average pupil - 5 days (25hrs.) inc. test

The very nervous - 6/7 days (30/35hrs.) inc. test

Any others, we recommend a minimum of 3 days (15hrs.)


Please Note:

These are only guidelines, If unsure of your needs, please contact us for individual advice and guidance.

If you are local to us and wish to take an assessment lesson, then please contact us and we´ll sort it out for you.

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